BREAKING: Malala Yousafzai Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Malala, now 17, was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two years ago in her home country of Pakistan after coming to prominence for her campaigning for education for girls.

She won for what the Nobel committee called her “heroic struggle” for girls’ right to an education.

She is the youngest ever winner of the prize. (x)

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Look at these cute goobers

Lemme just fill you in on how cute these goofs are:

  • They are best friends
  • The small one is named Haggis and he’s a lab who’s small for his breed, and the big one is Brigid who’s a 140lb Newfie.
  • Brigid is a really dopey creature, Haggis learned within 24 hours to ring a bell when he wants to go out, and then he started ringing the bell when our other animals wanted to go out even if he didn’t
  • Brigid want’s to be best friends with every living animal she sees (which is why she’s been sprayed by a skunk a few times, skunks aren’t as into friendship as she is), and haggis isn’t very overtly social
  • Brigid will barrel into you at every chance she gets, but Haggis will wait until you’re sitting or not moving around to come over and greet you
  • When they play outside, and one of them accidentally hurts the other, they will stop and make sure the other one is okay and sometimes lick the spot they accidentally hurt as an apology before they start up again
  • Brigid is a snorlax in the morning, but Haggis is super happy to get up and greet you
  • Brigid is always down for being used as a pillow, and Haggis is always down for having an extra pillow
  • Also it’s super cool that their colorations are the exact opposite of one another

Brigid was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer today, and Haggis keeps licking the leg she has a tumor in, trying to make it better

She’s gone.

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In February 2013 a meteor streaked across the Russian sky and burst in midair near Chelyabinsk. A recent Physics Today article summarizes what scientists have pieced together about the meteor, from its origins to its demise. The whole article is well worth reading. Here’s a peek:

The Chelyabinsk asteroid first felt the presence of Earth’s atmosphere when it was thousands of kilometers above the Pacific Ocean. For the next dozen minutes, the 10 000-ton rock fell swiftly, silently, and unseen, passing at a shallow angle through the rarefied exosphere where the molecular mean free path is much greater than the 20-m diameter of the rock. Collisions with molecules did nothing to slow the gravitational acceleration as it descended over China and Kazakhstan. When it crossed over the border into Russia at 3:20:20 UT and was 100 km above the ground, 99.99997% of the atmosphere was still beneath it.

Because the asteroid was moving much faster than air molecules could get out of its way, the molecules began to pile up into a compressed layer of high-temperature plasma pushing a shock wave forward. Atmospheric density increases exponentially with depth, so as the asteroid plunged, the plasma layer thickened and its optical opacity rapidly increased. About one second later, at 95 km above the surface, it became bright enough to be seen from the ground. That was the first warning that something big was about to happen. #

How often are scientific articles that gripping?! Kring and Boslough provide some excellent descriptions of the aerodynamics of the meteor and its airburst. Be sure to check it out. (Photo credit: M. Ahmetvaleev; paper credit: D. Kring and M. Boslough; via io9)

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Costco doesnt fuck around

Is costco secretly a store for giants

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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.


These are tears streaming down my face

I cried. I am still crying. I will forever be crying at this.

I can’t stop laughing omfg

i think i fractured something from laughing so hard jeSUS

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John Oliver explains why net neutrality is really important, as only John Oliver can

Maybe John Oliver has found his post–Daily Show niche: Explaining boring or uncomfortable subjects in a way that makes sense and makes you laugh. 

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Every time Steve Rogers has sex, a bald eagle is born

No wonder they’re endangered.

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Louis CK on our culture on dating


'Ugh, I hope this one's nice'

I may or may not have referenced this joke when making a point today. 

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I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express. - Randall Munroe, XKCD

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The history of film in one scene

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